Thursday, March 16, 2006

Now I'm Committed!

What.....No Clydesdale?! Posted by Picasa

Actually The 5K for next weekend does have a "Clyde" class, but not for the trail run. That's o.k. though. I just want to do the trail run. I've always wanted to do it and never been able to make it. I'm down though this year. My $$ and registration has been sent so I'm committed for sure. I need to let the show search begin now. I need a couple pair of solid shoes that will hold up. I'm leaning towards some New Balance motion control type. That or I'll stick with some Adidas Supernova Control or AdiStar Control. Maybe tomorrow I can spend the day shoe shopping.

I really need to step it up my training though. I've been pretty lazy this last week in my opinion and I've missed out on some great weather to get some good rides under my belt. If I'm going to do this Bi, then I need to stay focused and not get lazy about what I'm doing. Every week... 2 runs, 2 excuses.

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