Friday, March 17, 2006

I Love New Shoes.....

I'm an Adidas Whore! Posted by Picasa

I really do. It's a sickness of mine. I've been good about NOT getting crazy with my shoe purchases. These shoes were a necesity so I felt I (particularly my feet) was due some nice new running shoes. As I knew they would, Running Central hooked me up. I told him all about my running habits, what I've been running in, my recent blister problems and the recent arise of some joint pain. I also explained to him that my mileage is up also. And then I watched Bob work. He started pulling down shoes and stacking them up for me. He then went to the clearance rack and pulled down a box of Adidas. Bob said, "I have a hunch these are atually the perfect shoe for you and they are 50% off." We tried them on and he wathched me run outside. I loved them, he liked the looks of them it seemed like fate had brought us togeter. Bob knows shoes though and insisted I tried on the rest of the shoes he had picked out. As I tried each one, he would tell me what he saw, which happened to be exactly what I was to tell him about each one. It was agreed....the Adidas Calibrate was the shoe for me. Plus he kpt me in Adidas, and one look at my shoe collection will confirm that I am an Adidas fan. Shos originally retailed at $120, I got 'em for $43 after taxes, plus my registration into the Steamboat Classic just for buyin' shoes that originally were over $90.

Now I can't wait to get up tomorrow and run in them for the first time.

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Mike Howard said...

Sweet ! " run forest run "