Sunday, March 05, 2006

All Done!

Big Commuter Pimpin' Posted by Picasa

Well, I finally finished off the Nishiki. It is ready to rock too. I actually have some other pedals to pick up, but the flats will be fine for now. This will be the perfect bike to get to work on when I move into Peoria in May. I'm looking at some places about 7-10 blocks from work, so I can cancel my parking deck fee and save on gas too. I can get just about anywhere in town on this ride and it will ride nice on the Rock Island Trail too.

Tomorrow I have to get back into training mode. The last week has been a wash. I've ate terrible and haven't done one bit of running or riding. That will change tomorrow when I get back to "The Dungeon" with Howie and get back in the saddle. The first few days will be tough to get going again, but it will come. At least I have a fridge and cabinet full of healthy foods again. Another hard lesson learned......Do NOT put off grocery shopping. Without them I eat whatever is available and it kills me.

Went and saw the Woodbox Gang again last night in Springfield. They were killa as usual. Probably won't catch them again until May, but I may slip up to Chicago at the end of April to catch them. Totally forgot my camera or I'd have taken some pic's. I'm going to make it a point to keep it with me more. I miss to many good pic's.


mattonne said...

I need a DIGITAL CAMERA so I can spice up my posts some more, nice ride Sir, Wait till you see my super secret gravel road racer with faux carbon top tube and a hodge podge of drive train bits from 105 to XT...

Mike Howard said...

"Sweet dude" we need to get on the RI trail with that thing! See ya tonight !!!!