Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ray's Recap

Solid trip! Good friends, good rides and good times. Friday started off with the haul to Cleveland. No real stories to tell there except too many stops along the way. I was trying to be as healthy as possible for the weekend, but of course I left a cooler of PBJ's and Balance bars at home in my fridge.

As soon as we got to Cleveland we checked in and headed to Ray's. That first night I spent warming up and handling the bike again on the wood. I had some fun on the small drop and hitting some jumps. I really tried to spend some time riding skinnies. Deon was already hitting some big air that first night. The guy is amazing! We ended the night with some Mexican grub, a couple Great Lakes Beers and bed........exhausted!

Saturday morning started a bit peculiar when some guy attempted to O.D. outside of our room. Little did he know we were traveling with a fireman and a nurse. I honestly didn't care. It was an attention seeking move and the guy was a moron. Hell, he called the front desk to tell them he did it. No one really committed to the idea would do that. After a late breakfast we were back at Ray's. I had two goals...1)middle drop and 2) foam pit. I am happy to say that I got them both by the day's end. the foam pit was no sweat, but that middle drop took some encouragement from my buddies. Now I need to hit the big one next time!

Saturday night was spent recapping the weekend over some beers. The KMBC gang even came down for a few. We were up at 5 a.m. and on the road by 6 for the drive back on Sunday.

My training has suffered this week but I'm getting it back. It didn't help that I had out of town training both Monday and Tuesday so no riding or running and I ate terrible to boot. Now things can settle back down and get back on my schedule. I have my first 5K later this month so I need to get some solid runs in. I need to start getting some trail runs in as well for the Wildlife Prarie Park 4 Miler next month.


Mike Howard said...

I workrd on Mike's bedroom till 2:00pm and no bike ride !!! I SUCK !!!! I ran this morning !!

One more Day and a half and I'll be done and then the kitchen !!!

Midz said...

I'll tell you how my week has gone so you can feel better about yourself. Let me know if you need any help.

Paddy Humenny said...

Ray's sounds cool...the foam pit sounds really cool