Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We Should Be Ashamed of Ourselves.....

Damn, that's a little too "close up" for me! Posted by Picasa

for spinning inside today, but at least we did something. Howie and I both had stuff to do so we needed to get some saddle time in early. We were convinced it would still be too cold, but we were wrong. An outside ride would have been the ticket with this weather. Now it's going to turn cold again and we'll have to ride inside. Oh well, I'll try and make up for it braving the cold with some runs over the next couple days.

I need to get off the bike for a day or two. Between 5 hours of urban on Sunday and 3.5 hours spinning the last two days, I need to mix it up a little. Plus, I just need to get some running miles under me. The Wildlife Prairie Park Trail Run 4 miler is April 29th and I have to make sure my running legs are up to it.

Red Bull is down with the race series as I suspected. They'll again be making their presence. Jocelyn is trying to hook us up for our Ray's trip too. Maybe a little Red Bull pizza party action at Ray's. I learned last year with Red Bull, always a mystery and when it's 4th and short, they don't punt, they get the first down. Should be interesting. Also all the other clubs in the series have agreed to have Hammer as part of the races, that makes them the official supplement of the I-74 Series.

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