Monday, February 20, 2006

"Sir, Step away from the Buffet"

That's what I finally had to tell myself. Not only did I have a lazy 2nd half last week, I also ate terrible. It all started Thursday night when I thought a couple pieces of pizza would be o.k. Normally they would have been, but what was to follow did me in. Friday I was lazy and got no workout in at all. Hell came to town on Saturday. Mexican Buffet at lunch followed up by a Chinese Buffet for dinner. That makes the score Buffets 2 Exercise 0. Sunday you ask......brunch buffet with Tiffany and a birthday party that afternoon (cake, meatballs, queso, etc). By Sunday night I was so depressed I couldn't stand myself.

Today it was back at it. I even went shopping to mkae sure I had some goods to eat. Tonight it's back at Howie's in "The Dungeon". Priority right now is getting 2 good runs and 2 rides in this week before we head to Ray's.

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Mike Howard said...

Who's holding up the buffet line ? Don't you hate it when the guy in front of you keeps piling food a foot high on his plate ! Just come back for more big guy !! and be sure and get some more of that fried stuff !!!!!!!