Monday, February 06, 2006

Braving The Elements

My New Eyewear Posted by Picasa

That's what I did today. It was hard onme too. I just had a fantastic weekend including friends, beer, food, football and music for pretty much 4 days straight and I knew I would have to get back at it today. I spent last evening with a guy who puts on a 100 mile trail run and completed a Double Ironman last year and he ALWAYS runs outside. I thought, what the hell let's brave the cold and get after it.

I attempted to warm up and started my run and three minutes later I was cold, my lungs burned and my hat blew off. As I started back to pick it up, I almost quit. I put it back on and walked for about 20 yards cussing at myself and started back at it. I just started running to landmarks. Eventually I warmed up, the cold air quit burning my lungs and I found my "stride". When it was all said and done I had ran to Eden and back..a little over 4 miles if I'm not mistaken. It hurt and it sucked and I whined like a little girl, but I got it done and was happy about my effort at the end.

One mental note though. Now that my runs are increasing in length. I really need to fuel up before I start, even if it's just some gel. On my shorter, higher intensity 20 minute runs I'll still do on an empty stomach, but I can't do these 40+ minute runs with nothing in my furnace.

Thanks to Jeff for the heads up on the Tifosi eyewear. I love them. I went with the Kilo's. They worked great on my run this morning. I work days tomorrow-Thursday, so it will either be an hour on the trainer or a run for the next few days unless I get up earlier. PAMBA meeting tonight!

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Hope you like 'um. I am now a Tifosi convert.