Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better Today

Wow, things have been slow and rough. I had that great run on Monday and my week hit the wall. I woke up Tuesday with a scratchy throat. Instead of doing everything I could to take care of it, I just let it be. I went to the hockey game Tuesday night and could feel my throat getting worse. I knew Wednesday morning would be a no-go, and it was. And that's how my week continued. I feel pretty good today, about like I felt on Tuesday morning. I have to be smart today now and eat right and rest. Working tonight won't help. Kind of a lost week, that really sucks!

If I feel up to it tomorrow I'm heading to Bloomington for an urban. I've never been there, so it should be a good time checking out the new stuff.

Newest sponsor to the I-74 Series............E-Caps & Hammer Nutrition! Coming through with swag bags, door prizes, product samples and banners. That is a sweet deal for us. Even sweeter when so many of us actually swear by the products.

I REALLY want to run or something. That's good. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.


Mike Howard said...

You coming over Monday night ?

Midz said...

You bet. A ride will be better than a run tomorrow anyway. Those urban rides tend to rough my joints up for a couple days.