Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Else Could a Guy Ask For?

New PAMBA Tools Posted by Picasa

I spent almost $2700 that wasn't mine and got a great run in this morning before I did it.

By the way, this picture is what 2 Farm Boss chain saws, 2 FS 110 brushcutters, a BR 600 backpack blower and a Honda QS generator look like stuffed in the Jeepster. Not to mention gas cans, oil, bar oil and the other accessories. How freakin' cool! I can't wait to show them off. This is a BIG step for the club!

My run was great too, 35 minutes at a higher speed. I felt great. Things are coming together nicely. Another 2 hrs on the spinner with Howie tomorrow and I'll be well on my way to a good week.

Speaking of a good week....The Wood Box Gang and the Super Bowl in the same weekend........are you serious?! This is better than Christmas!


Mike Howard said...

The club is getting bigger and bigger and it shows! to go out and spend that kind of money is great !

The thing is , we have alot more money left over !

The races are getting big and the festival is getting bigger every year !! I can't wait to use that blower on the trails !!

Paddy Humenny said...


mattonne said...

any more tools and PAMBA could recreate a friday the 13th movie...