Wednesday, February 01, 2006


That's how to describe todays ride with Howie. It was a nice ride though, about 1 3/4 hours. Distance wasn't good with the windy conditions, but any time in the saddle outside this time of year is time well spent. Plus when you ride in the questionable stuff it makes rides in good conditions that much better. There saying nicer temps tomorrow so maybe I'll sneak a run in outside tomorrow morning.

I'm still a little concerned at my weight coming off too fast. I was at 213 this morning, which is at least 5 pounds lighter than when I should be right now. My body will respond by an immediate shutdown and getting sick. I usually don't get much warning so I need to make sure I'm really listening to things and keeping track of how I feel.

I need to look at the shifting on the road bike. Today was the first real road ride since switching to the double and the bike wass't real consistent going from small to big. Shouldn't take much to get it in shape.


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mattonne said...

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