Sunday, January 29, 2006

On Second Thought......

I went ahead and did the urban in Champaign today. I didn't get there until 1 p.m. though. It was a blast. I was really glad I made it over there for the ride. I actually had the camera but never got it out. Too busy watching some really good riders doing some trick ass stuff around UI campus. Really good group of folks over there.

I need D to take a look at my wheels. They just aren't setting in my dropouts right. I think I need some washers and a little file work.

I never did get my pizza today, but I got brunch before I left and had some mexi food before I left to come home. I'm a sucker for mexican food. I have to say it is moving ahead of pizza for me. On that note, the treadmill will be waiting for me when I get up......33 minutes worth!

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