Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to the Dungeon!

"I have an idea!" Posted by Picasa

Nice spin session tonight at Howie's. Stauby showed up too and helped the 90 minutes pass by pretty fast. I felt good overall, but I need A LOT more saddle time. I think I got the new saddle adjusted right, but we'll see for sure next time. I was sittin' a little high and had a slight downward angle that was causing some problems about 15 minutes in. I suffered with it for a bit. then finally stopped long enough to at least lower the saddle a bit. It made a big difference. It might take me another ride or two to get it where I want it though. I didn't think a new saddle would make that much difference.

Now I just need to get up and get a run in the morning. I'll back my pace off and go for 27 minutes. I don't want to push it with such a quick turnaround.

Tri or Bi? Still no hard answers..........only hard questions

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Mike Howard said...

Tony sent a e-mail sorry he couldn't make it maybe next week.It looks like Tuesday night if you guys can make it....It was nice to have company to keep motivated !!! I ran 3 miles this morning watching a Alice in Chains dvd Sweeeet !