Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Urban!

Broke Another One! Posted by Picasa

Met up with some of the BGR boyz today and a couple buddies from KMBC for an urban ride. We didn't stay near the river long with the wind and made our way through downtown hitting hot spots like the hospitals and courthouse among other places. From there we worked our way to Bradley. Campus wasn't as fun today due to the students moving back in from semester break. Back down to the bus depot (maybe my favorite spot in town) and back down to the riverfront. No real damage except my spoke (pictured above) and Jeremy's flat tire. Looks like I need to get to Ade's for some spoke repair!

Tomorrow night is our first Monday trainer session at Howie's. I'm ready to get after it. I have two goals this week: 1)two runs and two bikes and 2)bump my runs up to 27 minutes.

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Mike Howard said...

Be ready to Sweat ! at the Dungeon !