Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back To the "Dungeon"!

Met up with Howie today for some trainer time in "The Dungeon". I think I finally got the saddle where I want it. We did 2 hrs. today and I felt pretty good. I started to cramp at about the 90 minute mark when I was finishing a little interval, but I just backed off and spun it out. Hopefully he and I can get out for a real ride this week sometime. I say that, and then I read Kerkove's blog about him actually riding in this slop today.......that's dedication.

The urban in Champaign isn't looking good. Way too much rain for me to drive 2 hrs. for an urban ride and burn a vacation day to boot. No biggie. That just means I get to hit brunch with the Tiffster.

With the success of the concert PAMBA will be purchasing two brushcutters, a huge backpack blower and a chainsaw next week, all Stihl equipment. We'll also pick up all the accessories like gas cans, extra chain, oil, etc.

I'm seriously craving some pizza!I just need to hold off until tomorrow.

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Mike Howard said...

I couldn't hold off I took Cindy out to Farmington and had a Tom's favorite ! I'll run it off in the morning !