Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Good Start.....

so far. I hit the treadmill on Monday for a couple miles, then a road ride with Howie yesterday. I took today off and will alternate a run with a bike the next two days. I decided to fully commit to the Charleston Challenge Bi in September. Today an interesting turn of events has taken place. Andy Weinberg is putting on a tri here locally and told me I could use the Pekin HIgh pool anytime I wanted. How freakin' cool is that?! Now I am STRONGLY considering making that my "big" goal of the year. That race will be in June and consist of a 1.5 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 4 mile run. I know if I stick to my guns, I can make it happen.

I get the trainer back from JHiggs this week and will start doing a spinning session with Howie on Monday nights when I'm not working. If I can hook up with him a couple times per week for some activity, I'll be good.

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