Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Little Run

on the treadmill this morning. I was a little timid at first because my left achilles tendon was a little sore. I'm not sure what from really, but I decided to start slow. As I got going it worked itself out and things were good. At this point I am 75% ready to commit to the tri in June so I know I have to take it slow and build up correctly. Let the planning begin.

I'll hit the bike tomorrow as long as it's not raining. For some fun I'm doing an urban ride downtown on Saturday. After that we'll head to TC's for a little wrench clinic sponsored by Pedros and PAMBA. Pretty neat idea actually for a few club members. It will be a nice Q&A/demo session for those not so mechanically inclined.

The search is on for some 27" cyclocross tires. I need them for the older Nikishi I picked up. A little beefier tires, a suspension seatpost and I'll have myself one kick ass Rock Island Trail bike. That would be a nice change up for some base miles and not pounding myself on singletrack.

Work is good. We have a bad batch right now. A small caseload, but what a bunch of thugs. I'd say we have up to 5 or 6 on the "watch" list right now that could be getting their ticket to DOC. My partners and I are very aware of what we're dealing with and are taking extra precautions to be safe.

PAMBA meeting on Monday!

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