Monday, January 02, 2006


will be better than 2005, in every way imaginable. I'm talkin' on the bike, off the bike every aspect. I don't do resolutions, I just want things to be better this year.

I ran this morning, that was a good start. Sounds like I'm riding with Howie tomorrow. That should be cool. When the hell have I had me road bike out in January....!? That by itself is a good step. But hey, it will be a long year and I want it to be a nice progress from where I'm at now.

The race series is shaping up, just waiting on sponsors to start falling into place now. Red Bull is back on and that is nice. The rest of the regulars are back as well. I'm more concerned with the new guys. I'd love to hear from Azonic, Rock Gardn, an others.

Howie is getting things together also. I hope to be more involved with his season this year. I know I planned our races around his the best I could, just to be at more of them. That guy motivates the heck out of me and it does me good to be around him.

For me, I just want to be better. Better boyfriend, better PO, better president, better fitness, everything. Only one person can control the outcome.......

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