Saturday, December 24, 2005


to all of you who come here. I've been bad about posting the last month. Unfortunately there really hasn't been anything worth posting anyway. Most of my time has been spent towards the whole holiday spirit thing and work.

I've become even more sluglike over the past few weeks in regards to working out. I will soon get the trainer back and need to run a couple of times per week. I haven't touched a weight yet this year, which is very unlike me. I'm considering doing strictly bodyweight exercises for awahile and cardio. I can do that here without any travel issues to deal with.

I was offered the personal trainer position I talked about, but turned it down. I just wasn't down with the set up. I wasn't going to make any extra $$ the way they had it set up. I just want to work a few hours a week and get paid. I wasn't in the mood to "run my own busness" out of the gym. I'll keep looking and see if something else comes up that will work out better for me.

Anyway, have a geat holiday and don't eat as much as I certainly plan on!

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