Saturday, November 05, 2005

New Job????

Maybe. Not a new f/t gig, just a side job. I'm meeting with a guy who runs a gym in Bartonville on the 14th. It's not a big place, but it looks nice and is close to home. It's supposed to be a flexable schedule so we'll see if it works out. It will be nice to get back into some training. I really miss it, plus it always keeps me motivated. Nobody wants to be trained by a lardass....some motivation, huh?

I've been VERY sluglike the last few weeks, probably only riding once a week or so. This week will be none. I will get some trailwork in tomorrow though before work. Hopefully the weather holds up. It's pretty stormy out right now. I really want to start focusing on my running for awhile. Hopefully I will get 2 or3 good runs in next week. I need to get my running base back up before I start tackling trail runs this winter.

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