Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm Back

I have been terrible about updating this blog. I need to do a better job. Let me get things up to speed.

The festival was great. Shaums March rocks! I can't wait until next year. Looks like seven races next year with the addition of another KMBC race and QCFORC's race. We'll keep the dh/mtnx series at 3 for now. Michelle is busy lining up sponsorship for next year. I'm hoping to hear good things from Hammer products, Jet lights, Kona and Rock Gardn. Our old reliables like Thomson and Pedros will be there for sure.

My focus has been back on trail advocacy lately. We're building new trails at Balck Partridge and Farmdale. Both are coming along nicely. The next two weekends are dedicated to Dirksen. After a long period of neglect, the Pekin park district has given us an opportunity to step in and try and save these trails. For some reason I have become very cncerned and focused on saving this park. I think my real concern is proving to a new land manager what we can do. Dirksen and Indy are two of the highest rated trails in Illinois and we need to try and keep it that way.

Fitness you say? Not too good. My rides the last few weeks have been urbans on Sundays. They're great for technical stuff, but not so much fitness improvement. I have been running a bit and will continue to do that. I will trail run this winter once I build a little better fitness base and condition myself for running. I think that an lots of urban rides will result in a good riding year next year. I'm still very much setting my goals on some duathlons for next year.

Howard and his new fancy shmancy blog.........who does he think he is?

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