Friday, August 26, 2005

Race Weekend a Success

It didn't start out that way though. Friday night I laid in my tent and watched the thunderstorms roll by. We were so lucky. We got two periods of hard rain, luckily they only lasted about 15 minutes each. At one point I left the campsite and went to a pizza joint with our race coordinator for some pizza and beer. If anything would cheer me up, it would be those things. On Saturday morning we took a look at the trails and were pleasantly surprised at how good of shape they were in. They were a little greasy, but all in all pretty good.

Numbers were down, about 74 xc racers, but considering the weather, it was a make-up date and it was on a Saturday, things went well. I was disapointed with the expert class, only 5 racers, but I'll say this.....the first 4 of them were FAST!!!

Sunday was just great from the beginning. The courses were dry, and numbers were good. 40 DHers and 35 or so mtxers. We finally got to see the mtnx completed and it was awsome. We have some bugs to work out, but nothing major. We left the weekend excited about the festival in October.

As for me.....I'm ready to get back in the gym. I still haven't come up with many goals yet, but I do want to race the Proctor next year. I'd also like to find a road duathlon to do.

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