Monday, August 29, 2005

An Awakening?

Maybe, or maybe just a flash of enthusiasm that will peter out before the first snowfall. Seriously though, I want to do a biathlon next year, maybe a couple. I think the one in Charleston would be good and I'll find a couple more. Thanks to Billy Morrow for getting me looking in the right direction. Up first though is No Baloney. Sounds like Howie and Tony are interested, so I'll start gearing up for that. I'll also start looking at some 5k's in November.

I had some good trail rids on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the group ride at Comlara. I rode pretty slow with some less experienced riders but it was nice to help them along. Sunday I rode with CIC. For a downhiller, that guy is fast on the trails!

I took today off, but I'll hit Farmdale again tomorrow and the road with Howie on Wednesday morning. I need to be doing two nice road rides/wk from now until No Baloney.

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