Friday, April 01, 2005

Good Week......So Far

Wow, I feel good about things. I rode a nice 20 miler on Monday to get me rolling in the saddle again. Then did a ride Tuesday with Howie. It was only about 15 miles but that first have was a beast with a 25 mph headwind. I was gassed. Wednesday I went t Indy and did a nice little 1 hr. ride before by brake rotors drove me nuts. I stopped by Ades and had Deon take a look. I'm just going to get some new rotors, seems mine were a little out of true. Sort of pisses me off though because I haven't rode it much and have had the problem the whole time. Makes me think they were warped in shipping or something. Took today off and worked on Tiffany's bike like she asked. Now it's up to her to ride it. I'll keep encouraging her. I'm really stoked she's going to come to a meeting this month. I wish I could talk her into becoming more involved with the club. I know its not her thing though, so I really apreciate the times she does come with me. I'll probably stick to the road tomorrow. I'd like to get a nice 1.5 hr ride in.

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