Monday, March 28, 2005

Back In the Saddle

Wow, that was great. It felt good to get back on the roadie again. It was just a nice 20 miler. I suffered on a couple small climbs, but I made it. My biggest mistake was not eating prior to the ride. I really felt zapped at around the 1/2 way point of the ride. I hit some Hammer Gel and kept on pumping. My legs actually felt pretty good, but I could feel it in my core and shoulders staying in position. That will come back soon enough. I just have to make sure I'm hittin' it on a regular basis now. The bike feels pretty good. I'll have to play with my saddle fore/aft a bit to get it right though. Saddle height was good. I wore my HR monitor just to see where I was at times. I probably pushed too much a couple times into the wind, but overall I would call it a very successfull first time out.

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