Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Yeh, the shoulder/collarbone area is still giving me some trouble. I do a lot of lifts from the hanging position (like cleans, snatches, etc). That seams to be when it hurts the most. I had to reduce my weight and still only completed two of three sets on my cleans yesterday. Oddly enough I turned around and hammered out incline DB bench like a madman, finishing with seven on my last set of five. So I guess I'll be icing the shoulder down and hitting the advil the next few days. I will probably take snatches off completely tomorrow and let it rest. I'll try those lifts again next week at a much lighter weight and see if I can bounce back.

I have looked all over for a good belt. I haven't used one in years because I haven't really went above 80% of my 1RM in that long. Now that I'm throwing around some weight I need one. I'm getting to the point that I won't go any heavier on my squats without one. I've been to EVERY sporting good/weight lifting specialty store in town with no luck. I'm looking for the super thick leather with no taper or variance in width, an actual Power lifting belt. Not those cheesy Valeo, Nike, velcro, crap. Those belts are so much show. I will try the Illijois Gym today on Adams and see if they have what I'm looking for. There's a lot more power lifter type guys in there. Maybe they sell them.

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Mike Howard said...

I don't think Bob sales belts Jim ! but it's worth a try, thats where I started my lifting at He's a great guy.You may have to order it by mail.