Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Not so good today

Had some trouble in the gym today. I was supposed to start my workout with power snatches from the hang. My collarbone felt like it was going to pull away from my shoulder. I have significant trouble with that shoulder since high school but today was the first time it has felt that bad for quite a while. I decided to drop the snatches for today. The rest of my workout went well. Push presses were fine, minimal shoulder pain. Lunges were good. Military presses odly enough went great. I finished my last set of 5 with the 70's for 7, It was a good one to quit on.

Diet has been good. No red meat yet this week, I did have a grilled chicken small pizza last night, but that's been the worst of it. I've kept my eating every 2-3 hr. plan in check with protein shakes as supplements. Creatine intake is going well too.

Now for the cardio....................Needs some MAJOR work!!

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Mike Howard said...

Are you going to do some spin classes ?