Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Well, I wised up and took some time off. I got back in the gym today and got after it. The shoulder felt pretty good. I did my standard Monday workout of power cleans, squats, db incline, pull ups and upright rows. Finished it off with some core training. Everything felt good. I went a little lighter on cleans just to get going and test the wing. I will probably take some of my power lifts light all week. Thursday will be the real test for the shoulder when I do power snatches, push presses, db military, and a few others. If the shoulder holds up well then I'll be ready to go. I'll progress my weights slow over the next couple weeks just to be safe. Two steps forward-one step back is better than the other way around. I can't be taking every other week off to heal up because I was dumb.

Getting my eating routine down again also, having a small healthy meal or supplement shake every 2-3 hours. Creatine intake is where it should be and my water intake is on the rise.

I'll try a run in the morning. Teps are up so it shouldn't be too bad outside.

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