Tuesday, January 11, 2005

week 1 of HEAVY down

Well, so sar so good. Things are going pretty well. I'm taking it slow as far as how much I move my weights up, but I feel like I am progressing steadily. My biggest concerns after my first week are: hitting my drop on cleans and snatches; keeping better record of my rest times, for this type of lifting I should be between 2-3 minutes; and locating a belt I'm happy with. I have found one but they are out of my size right now. It's holding my squats back a little.

I need to begin some emphasis on my cardio as well. I have some 5 K's coming up in March as goals to keep me motivated on my cardio. My diet is improving. I have done much better this last week and have avoided anything too stupid. Take care!

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