Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Excuses

My last two weeks have been....worthless in terms of training. Two weeks ago I was traveling and spending time with family after the death of my step-father. This past week was all about our ILEAS assessment which I helped coordinate with West Peoria. With both of those incidents behind me, I need to get back to training. I'm two weeks out from Clinton Lake 30 miler, just a long training run for McNaughton which is now 3 weeks and 6 days out. I had very high hopes of getting in two loops at McNaughton today but I woke up with a sore throat and some sinus congestion. Instead I have rested, hydrated and fueled to get some recovery and beat this cold. Tomorrow's tac practice will be a low key range day so that should help, but Tuesday I am getting at least a loop in at McNaughton. Everything from here out has to be smart prep for Clinton and then on to McNaughton. I'll still have a cheat day here and there but only to reward myself for solid efforts put in.

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