Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clinton Lake Recap

Overall a success. It didnt go down without its share of pain and misery but I learned from some mistakes and finished with a respectable time of 6hrs 24 mins.

Loop 1 was probably about 10 minutes too fast, but I fealt strong feeling my way through the course as it was my 1st time there. It wsnt super technical, but the constant up and down was challenging at times. I eventually found a good rythm and stuck with it. Nothing but a splash and go of water at the aid station. I finished the loop at 1:54, again, a little too fast for me probably. After a handful of MM's from the start/finish area and a fresh bottle and supplements it was on to lap 2.

Loop 2 was steady as she goes. I found myself alone for most of the race which is fine by me since I train alone almost exclusively. I again had zero issues during the lap. I probably started walking a little sooner on a few hills but no change to the game plan. Another handfull of MM's and a splash of orange drink at the aid 5.5 mile mark and I finished loop 2 at 4 hrs straight up. MM's again at the start/finish area. I had to mix a new bottle this time around and I doubled up on my Hammer E-caps. By my watch my pit time was about 5 minutes before I started out on loop 3.

It didnt take long before I was feeling the effects of the day. My quads were tightening and I had neglected to give myself a good dose of Chamois Butt'r. This would also add to some of misery. At mile 23 I was physically and mentally hurting a bit. I started concentrating on the race mile by mile. Eventually I made it to the aid station and drank a few small cups of cola which tasted fantastic at that time. I could tell my pallet was changing at that point n the race and my Heed/Sustained Energy combo wasnt cutting it anymore. At that point I was 4.5 miles from the finish. MIles 26 and 27 were tough on me. I was really nursing my quads at this point. I was looking at my watch and saw that 6 1/2 was going to be tough, I was close to falling off that pace. When I hit 28 I had a runner in sight closing in on me. I used it as motivation and had a really good finish. I think I finished with 12 minute miles on the last two and got me in under my goal.

I made mental notes throughout the race and documented them all to help prepare for McNaughton in two weeks. I am confident at this point about it. I just have to be smart over the next two weeks. I'm looking for lots of sleep, short runs, smart fueling.

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