Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ready For Some Caving

At least I better be. I'll be leaving in just a few hours and after a couple rendezvous points we'll be on our way down to Missouri. It will be a short night of sleep because we will be up early to hit the cave. I'm anxious to get under way and chalk this one up. Hopefully I will have some pictures and/or video to post soon.

Upon my arrival it is running, running and more running. It's all about time on my feet and bumping those long runs up. April will be here very soon ans I need to be prepared for the 50. After today my posts will almost exclusively be geared towards that day.

Hope all had a good holiday. I know I did, even though I was working Tiffany and I had a great Christmas morning with cinnamon rolls and eggnog and exchanging our gifts. She got me an assortment of very handy gift cards and a great GPS system for the motorcycle. I cant wait to put together some killer trips in 2011.

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