Sunday, October 10, 2010

Early Start on '11

Well, here I sit in October already plotting my 2011. To recap the last two months I take you back to 8/28/10. On that day I tied my 5K PR and was feeling good. I had 4 weeks of training until the Charleston Challenge Du which was THE "A" race for me this year. I was running fast and was doing weekly time trials on the bike. It was the first time by running and riding were in sync. I was on a mental high and traveled to Kickapoo to celebrate for the weekend at the Kickapoo Bash with friends and even family. I returned home and went to tac paractice on 8/30...and then it happened. We were doing some low key entry work on an old school. I was to go through a ripped out window into a basement, about a 5' drop. I felt me right hand go numb before I hit the ground. Not uncommon for some debris to fall, no biggie. When I hit I noticed all the rusty water spraying the walls around me and on my back. I looked to see its source so I could stay dry and noticed...."that's not rusty water...that's my fucking blood!!!" It was bad...really bad. I contined moving through the basement and tried to relay to the team to call for an ambulance. I made my way into a hall and onto a stairway that looked like it might lead out. At one point on the stairway I realized I was alone and admittedly...scared. I told myself "Not today, not on these fuckin' stairs". I made it out of the school and was immediately under the care of my team. They were a machine. They had me in a tournaquet and compression bandages in no time. I was put in a squad car and taken to an ER nearby. Once stabilized I was then taken to surgery where I had two tendons and an artery repaired. Tiffers was there with me and could not have been any stronger or braver. I know it was tough for her but she held the situation and me together mentally.

It has been a long six weeks and many small battles won; The first time I tied my shoes, putting on my watch by myself; writing, shaving, shooting, etc. I go back to the doctor on 10/11. With any luck I'll be clear to return to regular duty on 10/18. I cant thank evryone enough who have stood by me and supported me throughout. You know who you are and everything from a kind word of encouragement to washing my bloody clothes to keeping me alive has not been forgotten.

Over this past weekend, I ran the Farmdale Trail Run 10 miler. It took me an eternity at 1 hr and 52 minutes, wrist wrap and all. But I have never been happier to be on the trails. 2011 will bring good things. Adventure racing and ultras are on the agenda, and I'm going to finish a few things I started this year too.

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