Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top Of The List

Well, it didnt take as long to find out about the test results as I was anticipating. I was told on 12/10 that at the conclusion of the process and after the committee had time ti talk it over that I was #1 on the list for appointment to the tac teams. This still wont be official until 2010, but it's nice that I dont have to sweat it out anymore worrying and wondering about it. Now my focus can be on me staying in great condition for the teams and in turn driving me to get ready for what I'm hoping will be a strong 2010 season.

I took this past week off but am more than ready to get back into training mode. I know that the caloric intake doesnt look promising the next couple weeks either so getting back to some level of activity will be a good thing. I intend on starting things off tomorrow with a nice run at Bradley park after coffee. I seem to "find" myself there at it has ofetn been a place for me to collect my thoughts and regroup.


mattonne said...

If you have any surplus tactical weaponry or gear let me know, I wanna be a board NINJA! :)

BTW congrats on all your hard work!

Midz said...

Never know, maybe I can get my hands on a couple flash bangs for ya! Thanks!