Tuesday, December 01, 2009

.7 seconds Seems Like a Year

So the FOLEPI went o.k. for the most part. I had a goal of sub 30 minutes going into the race and was a little disappointed at the finish that I thought I had missed it bt 2 seconds. I just looked at the official times and I actually missed it by .7 seconds! I wont deny that I'm a little bummed. My first mile was so bad. I warmed up decent enough and everything but I just didnt want to get too aggressive early with the crowd and blow up later. The result was that my first mile was 15 seconds slower than my eventual race pace. As I type this I'm trying to understand why I'm beating myself up over it. Oh, well. There's always next year.


Mike Howard said...

Put that race past you and look to getting that bike out for a ride.I'm still getting out for small rides just our 20 mile loop but it's saddle time.

Midz said...

I know! As soon as this test is out of the way I'm hittin it hard and outside as much as possible this year. If that means road rides on the Nishiki and Kona, so be it!!