Saturday, August 08, 2009


That's how I'm feeling after the Swamp Dogs race today. I started slow and was hoping to make a push at about the halfway point. I knew the course well and had my spots picked out but that plan never came through. About two miles in I felt the hammy twinge on some muddy climbs. That twing turned into pain the point I was walking many of the climbs. By mile 4 I had struggled with the hammy to the point that my opposite side low back was screaming. I got passed by two women on some climbs that I had initially picked out to just own. It was VERY humid today too and my fluid loss was big. I was well prepared with hydration and such though and never really had any issues with them. I thought they would be my toughest task, instead it was the freakin hamstring again that let me down. I'm still planning on the mtb race tomorrow but will need to be smart. I'll have a better idea when I wake up tonight.

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Mike Howard said...

Bummer ! was it a mud fest ?