Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ready Or Not....Here They Come

CITRA #3 and I74 MTB Series #2, both at beautiful Jubilee State Park are this weekend. Am I ready you ask?.....Hell No!! In all actuality I think the run might surprise me. I had a great run out there last weekend on the mtb course. I wasnt running for time, yet my time was surprisingly fast. The last time I did the bike course I felt pretty good too but my ass aint seen a saddle since then. Too many doubles at work last week to get any solid training in. I'm gonna try to get an hr run in tomorrow out there and follow it up with some trail care to get the mtb course ready...again. I've held my weight down to a manageable level the last few weeks and should be lookin good for race day on Saturday. Then I'm gettin the hell off my feet and refueling for the mtb on Sunday morning. Should be fun and educational for me at the same time.

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