Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Race Date

Jubilee race has now been rescheduled for July, 12. Which is cool, but a challenge for me now since the Jubilee trail run is on the 11th. No sweat though. The heart of my race season is starting up and races of different disciplines on back to back days will be great training for me. I'll get to do it again in August with the Swamp Dog Classic trail run and the Black Partridge mtb race. Since I've been planning on the double in one day at the end of September, this will be good for me. I've looked at what I had scheduled for training the next couple weeks and I don't think I'll change much. I may switch a couple road rides to mtb rides at Jubilee and probably throw in an extra rest day somewhere. Other than that, I'll leave it alone. I'm watching the sky now and just hoping the rain stays away tonight so I can get a trail run in tomorrow at Jubilee on the mtb course.

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