Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gettin' My Groove Back

I hope I'm handling this right. I've taken some time off then got back into things this week, slowly. I had a couple decent runs at Bradley Park just to stay fresh. I've also been good with my fueling and diet. I have another day off today except for some core/stretching work. If this weather holds out I'll try for some RIT action tomorrow and a long run at Jubilee on Saturday. I think that I can stick to loops on New and Plank and it will give me a similar distance loop that I will have next month in Indiana. Now if my new bottles and belt would just come in at Running Central everything would be great.

In addition to this bloggy, I also keep a journal where I track my workouts/moods/diet and notes on all the above. It has really helped me stay focus. I also lay out a plan each night for the following day which includes things I want to accomplish for the day and a full menu for what I'll have at each meal. It's worked well for me and adds to the accountability I'm trying to keep.

"Focus" and "Balance" are my two keywords this year.

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mattonne said...

groovy new look to the blog Sir! See you at "the Farm", could be "farm club" but thats already been done...