Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now That's More Like It

That was the RIT ride I've been looking for. 2 hours, good weather, felt good, no mud. By the end, my head was clear. That's what I wanted. It did't start that way after I dropped the bike in the fork mounts and bent the dropout. I was abled to get it back close enough to make it all work, but I was really worried I had lost the Nishiki for awhile.

I'd like to get somehting in tomorrow very light before I go to Jubilee on Saturday for what I'm hoping to be 3 hours on the trails for a run. Howie and I will do some work out there at 5 and get some bridges done for MMBF. I plan on just making a day of it and have a little picnic recovery between my run and trail work.

I apreciate Julie B. putting a comment on my blog. She is such a strong runner and to have her visit my blog means a lot to me. I hope to run into her more in the future. Maybe even run WITH her at some point.

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