Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not Much Work

But it hasn't been a total loss this week. I got a nice recovery type spinner ride with Howie on Monday, but do to staffing at work, I've been days all week. Days drain me a little bit. On the bright side, my diet has been fantastic and my weight was back to 211 lbs. today and that after a night of burgers and fried bar bar food in Moline at Bent River....yes, another WBG show. They kick ass!

Next week should be more productive for me. Even if the weather turns sour, I hope to get some good running hours under my belt this week. I may have to get back on the trainer too. Hopefully this weather turns out to be not as bad as forecasted and I can get some RIT miles in. My workout schedule for the week is on hold until I see what's going to happen with the weather.

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