Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Siberian Express was quite the experience. It was muddy as all get out for most of the course. I watched multiple people run out of their shoes and have to go back and dig them out of the mud. There was hills that people were clawing to get up and it was literally a trick to get from tree to tree up the hills. I was o.k. with my run overall. I felt good throughout. I was pretrty slow, but I'm not concerned with speed right now, especially on courses like that. I do wish I had my bottle of Heed with me though. I was o.k. without it, but I'd have rather had it. I know now that any of my runs I have left, I'll need to have it with me.

Finally got in "The Dungeon" last night with Howie. Not a lot of pain, but a lot of spinning out the legs and recovery for both of us. My legs apreciated it today. My schedule for the week is up in the air right now. I'll sneak some runs in when I can and just try and get through the week.

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