Friday, January 26, 2007


No running again this week with my altered work schedule. I was supposed to go caving tomorrow for the first time but my mom's health is a little shaky right now so I'm staying home. Things are better, but I hate to chance it being down in some cave in Indiana.I will be heading out to Jubilee tomorrow for some frozen trail goodness. I'd love to get a nice solid 60+ minutes out there before going to watch a wrestling meet.

We did get a lot of MMBF stuff done this last week. The website is up and new info is rolling in daily. I think the online registration is up and going also which is cool. When I learn how to do that type of stuff on here, I'll get some links up.


Mike Howard said...

I ran at Jubilee this morning Midz ! I took the bike hoping I could ride but no way with to much snow.

Glad I took the running shoes with me ! Keep me posted on your mom !!

Mouse said...

If mom ever found out you were canceling plans for her sake...well, you know what she'd say. bigbro

p.s. I think I'll see ya in May.