Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Good Start to 2007.......So Far

Nice run on Monday at Bradley Park and followed it up with some trainer time this afetrnoon before work. I really wanted to be on the RIT, but time just wouldn't allow. Tomorrow I'll get another 60 minute run in, probably at Bradley Park again.

I did have a bad end to my day with my eating though. I broke down and ate El Mex. I just couldn't stop myself! If I could just eliminate a couple "trouble" spots with my diet I would be set. El Mex has to top the list. I love it, but it doesn't help me on the scale. I need to go away from my steak burrito and back to the chicken torta.

Two other areas to address are core and flexability. I need to make sure I am working on both. I would really benefit from some yoga actually and that may be coming soon.

Sounds like muddy conditions for the Siberian Express. That's fine by me. I want to suffer. It will just be another experience for me to say I've taken on if conditions aren't perfect in August and October.

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