Monday, September 11, 2006

Nice Race

Finally, a good race turnout this year. You can really tell that gas prices had dropped as we had 94 racers for the CORBA Mud, Sweat and Gears race. There was mighty fine racing to behold too. PAMBA was kickin' tail as usual winning the Novice and Expert fields and a strongly faught 2nd place in the Sport Class. Good showing from our guys all the way through.

Rain really screwed up my plans today. I should have hit the treadmill, but knowing I'll be doing intervals tomorrow and have a whole Winter of the treadmill coming up, I just couldn't do it. I really just wanted 30 minutes of easy running just to wake my legs up. I guess the intervals tomorrow will have to do the trick. That should be my last hard effort of the week. I'll start tapering down from here on and make sure I'm ready to go.

My mind really feels like it's getting focused now. I was beginning to wonder. I've been a bit more busy lately though than I was leading up to my last race. But now my confidence and focus are both getting better.

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