Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Weather Screwing With My Plans

All of us in the midwest are probably getting sick of this rainy weather. I've hat to adjust my workouts quite a bit this week. Either times of day or flipping days all together. It's been trying at times, but I think it's all working out in the end. I had a nice tempo ride on my "new" loop today. 23 miles with some nice hills to tackle throughout. It should be just the ticket for the Charleston Challenge.

I had initially planned on doing the Farmington 5K this weekend, but I think I will be better off getting in a nice brick session. I haven't done any since prior to my last race in July and I need to get my legs ready for a bike-run transisition. My running is probably as good as it has been. I really feel like my riding is where I've been lazy since my last race. However, after my ride today I feel even more confident about it. I just need to get my weight back down. I was at 207 lbs. today and would really like to be under 203 lbs. for September 16th.

I'd like to get a nice RIT ride in tomorrow. Of course, that depends on if the weather will hold off or clear up for me.

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