Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekly Schedule on Hold

Due to a rib injury suffered at the hands of a wheelbarrow while working on the x-course today. I was goofing around and ran down one of the jump landings pushing it empty when it hit a mound of dirt or something stopping it on a dime and driving the handle into my ribs. I thought I got impaled! Luckily, the CIC is a murse. He checked me over and thought I was o.k. I'm just very sore and the ribs are pretty tender right now. Normally I would try and run tomorrow, but I think I'll try a ride instead. When I can breathe pain free, I'll try a run. I'll have an update tomorrow. This is a terrible time for me to need to take time off. These last 6 weeks were going to be important. Hopefully It will get better FAST!

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Here's the BGR crew working on the first jump.

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Zeke....Future BGR Dirtjumper!


Squirrel said...

That sounds like something that would happen to me:) Fractured ribs I hope not, they even take awhile to heal>


Midz said...

I'm hurtin' today. The ibuprofen just aren't doin' the trick right now. I'm taking today off alltogether and I'll try a ride tomorrow.

Mike Howard said...

How much work did they get done on the mtn-x course ? That 4 hrs with a weed eater in my hands wore me out ! Tony called and wanted to do a night ride,but I could'nt get my ass moving !

See ya in the morning I might sneak in a x-tra 45min brfore you get here !

mattonne said...

No more wheel barrow freerides for you without your chest protector...