Sunday, April 02, 2006

This Week's Plan (revised)

I just need to stick to it. Last week I started the week great, but crashed and burned at the end, both with diet and training. This week should be better. The highlight of the week will be my trip to St. Charles County, Missouri for the Midwest MTB Festival Friday and Saturday. Then on Sunday I will drive to Moline for the Sylvan Island Stampede which is kicking off the I-74 Series this year.

Also, I think I found another duathlon I would like to take part in. It's the Touring Cyclist Duathlon in Fairview Heights, Illinois. It's a 4.5 mile run/20 mile bike on July 16th. That should give me time to compete, recover and peak again in late September for the Charlston Challenge. Time to crank it up a notch!

90 minute ride minimum, weather permitting (slacker)

Tempo run 30 (20T)

EZ 60 minute ride

EZ run 40 (30)

Friday-vac. off (for race)
Long Run-5 miles

Saturday-vac. off (for race)
2 hr. ride either MTB at race or road at home

Sunday-off (Stampede)
Get some MTB miles in if possible.


mattonne said...

Hey Midz, theres a run only event here on may 20th (i think) the great river bridge race or something to that effect, if your interested I'll dig up some info for ya...i know you get to run up snake alley once, which would be enough...

Midz said...

Correct on both accounts, Both the name and the date. Looks interesting actually. It's a six miler (which will feel like 8 after Snake Alley!)which will be about right for me.