Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blow It Up

Yeah, boy! That's what I did to myself before work this morning. I decided it was time to start being more specific with my sessions and kick it up a little. 3 rides & 3 runs/ wk with purpose. Today was a 20 minute tempo run. It was tempo alright. I thought I was going to blow a head gasket at about the 18 minute mark. It felt good to do it though. I wish I had done some prior to my last 5K just to know what it felt like to hurt a little bit. It was a little shocking to me at the end of that race. Tomorrow I will race home from work at attempt to be on the bike by 5:30 or so. I'll go out and get reunited with the bike again for 60-90 minutes.

I found me a park to camp in this weekend too. Illiniwek Forest Preserve. It looks to be about 20 minutes from Sylvan Island so that will work out great. I'm shooting for a quick ride on Saturday afternoon and maybe ride some sweep at the race (s) to get some more saddle time in. I might even do a little trail run over the course on Saturday....hmmmm. I also want to make sure I take plenty of pictures.


Mike Howard said...

You going up Saturday ? Anyone else going with you ?

Midz said...

Yeah, I'm heading up Saturday. I'm going to camp at Illiniwek Forest Preserve, about 8 miles from Sylvan Island. I'm following Craig and Robin Keeler up after I meet them at Little Ades. You want to go up with me?