Friday, February 03, 2006

A Look at My Job

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Obviously guns, ASPs and pepper spray aren't actually toys, but you get the idea. Those are my tools I have with me when I am working the streets at night. Maybe soon I'll actually get some pictures from some of the neighborhoods I work in. The other picture is just my desk. I share a large office with my two partners. The three of us are the Intensive Probation Supervision unit which basically means we have the more hardened criminals. Our program was originally designed as an alternative to prison. Call it their one last chance. I suppose that it still has that intention, but the people we work with has diversified. We may see a hardcore banger, then see a very sad drug addict or prostitute who is trying to clean up. We ed up wearing many has and changing our approach often depending on the client.

In addition, we are the county's Sex Offender Unit. Each of us have an independent caseload of sex offenders that we supervise. Lots of laws and new ones coming down the pipe all the time. The important thing is making sure that first and foremost, our people don't re-offend. A large portion of our duty though is keeping the clients legal due to so many law changes so fast. It's a lot to keep track of.

Enough of that. I'm on my long weekend. That means WBG and the Super Bowl. Somehwere in there will be some nice runs and/or rides along the way.

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