Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day........

and all I've done is eat, pretty much. I took a nap too! I really wanted to do an urban today but it was super windy and cold so I opted to do nothing. I did however throw the road bike on my trainer. I'm ready to start getting in some decent base stuff. I really want to make sure I get some running in to. I had originally planned to do a 5K on Dec. 3rd, but I have a I-74 race meeting scheduled that day now. I am working on dates for next year as we speak. Anyway, the next 5K I see to shoot for is January 28th. I think there are some others that just aren't posted yet. Iknow there will be some Christmas and New Year's themed runs. No word on the trainer job. I think my schedule is just too goofy to make it work. So now I need to go ahead and get myself in the gym and get back to some weights.

Saturday is the PAMBA "Turkey Burn" ride. This year we're hitting Indy and Dirksen for an epic type ride. Sounds like we'll have a nice group. I just hope my out of shape ass can keep up! I hope to have some pics to post from the ride.

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